Cotracks: Um estúdio de música colaborativa no iPad

O app Cotracks desenvolvido para o iPad é um estúdio de música colaborativa para o trabalho em equipe em um único iPad, que possibilita a criação de várias camadas de loops e frases usando vários instrumentos. O conceito é interessante pois é como tocar com uma banda sincronizando com os outros usuários em uma faixa ao mesmo tempo. Veja as especificações do Cotracks:

• up to 12 instrument tracks
• beat synchronized playback and recording

• comfortable access for multiple users
• dedicated interface modes for single user, two users and four users
• switch between interface modes with a single tap
• independent playback control constantly available for each instrument
• repeater lets you play and record complex beat synced rhythmic textures
• XY-modulation control

• nondestructive quantize and transpose
• change the playback scale of recorded sequences
• drag and drop copying of sequences between instruments

• polyphonic synthesizer with dozens of high quality instrument presets
• monophonic bass/lead synthesizer with dozens of high quality instrument presets
• sample player with a library of professional quality samples from Inspire Audio
• programmable XY-modulation
• band-limited oscillators to ensure professional grade sound quality

• stereo delay
• stereo phaser
• 2 equalizer units
• dedicated units for each track

• Audiobus support
• AudioCopy support
• export each instrument to separate audio clip
• export all in one audio mixdown clip
• export and import sessions via iTunes in XML format for backup and sharing

• on-screen help and tips
• online support integrated in app
• video tutorials

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