Skyfire 1.1: Nova versão para aparelhos Symbian e Windows Mobile


O Skyfire, um dos melhores navegadores da internet para o celular ganhou uma nova versão 1.1 para aparelhos com sistemas operacionais Symbian e Windows Mobile, e o download pode ser efetuado diretamente pelo celular pelo link

Veja o changelog da versão para Symbian e para Windows Mobile:

  • Improved page load times.
  • Improved scrolling and zooming on Symbian.
  • Improved reconnect. Skyfire will show clearly when you can start interacting with the web page in case it previously timed out and disconnected (to save battery life).
  • WML support. If you are browsing to mobile sites that use the old mobile WML markup, you can now view the content.
  • Improved mobile website support.
  • Page up/down navigation via short-key: You can use now ‘2’ and ‘8’ to easily navigate one page up or down. Great for reading articles. Now the short-key for invoking the Superbar is *.
  • Updated Plug-ins: For Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime we have the newest versions to give you more compatibility with more sites.
  • Skyfire quits on startup on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices: It affected a limited number of 6.0 and 6.1 devices as well. (Fixed Issue 7369)
  • Multi-line text entry behavior on Symbian: This was an issue when you exited text entry mode with predictive text on, or used the navigation keys. (Fixed Issues 7149 & 7112)
  • Superbar state on Symbian: Cancel button did not always exit from Superbar. (Fixed Issue 7156)
  • Samsung Propel and Jack (AT&T): Could not uninstall Skyfire if the SIM card was missing. Fixed.
  • Short-keys inconsistent on non-standard keyboard. On some keyboard layouts (half-qwerty, dual keyboards), the short-keys do not work as expected. (Issue 7498, 7408, 7581)

Vale a pena testar este navegador, que com certeza é um dos melhores disponíveis na internet para os celulares e Smartphones!!

Via Slashphone.


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