JbakTaskman: Nova versão v.1.0R16 S60v5

Foi liberada uma nova versão v.1.0R16 do programa JbakTaskman compatível com aparelhos com sistema operacional Symbian S60 5th, com as seguintes alterações e melhorias:

Changelog v1.0 R16:

-The Bug on transition to desktop looks like corrected, although there is nothing to test with.
-Renaming folder – fixed.
-Also fixed – removing item “moving up” in the folder, and the inability to remove the second item in the folder.
-the rendering of drop-down menus should be quicker.
-Possibility to set the font size of the interface in pixels, and this change will be reflected on all controls in the program.
-The font size and icons are brought as a separate item in “interface settings”.
-Changes in appearance of drop-down menus: Now, they should be faster.
-A folder icon has a normal shape
-In the Quick Launch you can add “Flashlight.” At the start, the light brightness turns on full power, the screen goes white, and doesn’t turn off until you close the white window. It is a strange feature in general, but left as it is for now.

Para fazer o download do programa, visite o Symbian Planet.

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