Update: DrJukka KeyLockClock v0.55 ganhou nova versão

O aplicativo Key Lock Clock, aquele relógio gratuito desenvolvido para os celulares Nokia inspirado nos relógios do E71 e E66 ganhou uma nova atualização, e o changelog da v0.55 é o seguinte:

– Added Font selection, so all have nice font in the clock screen,
– Fixed the issue with 12 hour clock,
– Checked the settings re-freshing, should be fool proof now,
– Added Light timeout setting, so the light wont go out when you lift you finger from the button,
– Added a idle time resetting (nice technical term) when light are on, so in old devices the screensaver should stay out,
– Added a automatic key locker, so you can set the keys to be locked after some idle time,
– Added some Call handling code, just to make sure the clock screen is only there when there is no calls active.

Para fazer o download visite o link DrJukka KeyLockClock.

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