G1 Android: Lista inicial de aplicativos do marketplace


Hoje foi publicada uma lista inicial dos aplicativos e games que estarão disponíveis na loja compatível com o sistema operacional Android da Google, e com ela podemos ter uma idéia das primeiras funcionalidades do aparelho G1. Veja a lista:

Barcode Scanner v2.1 – Scans and recognises the barcode of any product
ShopSavvy – Compares prices online and on the high street
CompareEverywhere – Scans barcodes gives directions to local stores using Google maps

Mandelbrot Map – Map viewer
Krystle II – Pet your phone
Pocket Seismograph – Monitors the phone’s accelerometer
Translate – Translation tool
Pro Football Live! – Football news / information
BreadCrumbz – Navigate via user-generated pictures
e-ventr – Event organizer and friendship scout
iMap Weather™ – Weather application
Ecorio – Track and reduce your carbon footprint, “green community”
Cocktail! – Database of cocktails
Cooking Capsules Taster – Cooking application
Wikitude – AR Trav… Mobile travel guide
AccuWeather.com – Global weather

Shazam – Identify music, store and buy music
PicSay – Personalize pictures with text
Panoramio – Finds pictures of interesting places in your area
TuneWiki – Next generation social media player
BlueBrush – Draw with friends, share the same canvas
Video Player v.01 – Plays video files off of the G1’s SD card
Photostream – Photo browser for Flickr
Ringdroid – Create ringtones
SplashPlay – Music application

QuickList – To do lists
WikiMobile Encyclopedia – Wikipedia for mobile devices
Maverick – IM compatible to Google Talk

Radar – Draw a bearing between the user’s current location and latitude/longitude
Task Switcher – Search-Space is the new “Alt-Tab” (need better definition)
Spare Parts – Android developing tool
Text-To-Speech Translator – Text-to-speech services
Any Cut v0.5 – Home shortcuts to “anything” on your web or your phone
Locale – Manages phone settings based on conditions (e.g. location)
Contacts De-Duper – De-duplicate your contacts to streamline your contacts folder
Shutter Spead – Detailed camera settings to make the most of the in-built camera and web access
DiskUsage – Utility to examine SD card content to manage what you store on your phone
Rings Extended – Replaces standard ringtones

Games & Puzzles
PAC-MAN by Namco
Metamath Solitaire
Anagrams v0.2
Slide Puzzle
Divide and Conquer!
CB Blackjack
Bubble Bash
Bonsai Blast
Balls 2 The Wall

Ainda é bem pequena, mas este é somente o primeiro passo, e sinceramente eu espero ver esta lista crescer muito, pois teremos uma boa briga entre os sistemas operacionais dos dispositivos móveis, e como sempre quem ganha é o consumidor, com opções cada dia melhores!

Fonte: Mobileindustryreview.

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