Nokia N96: veja o changelog da versão 11.101 do firmware


Para os poucos proprietários do novo Nokia N96, segue o changelog da última atualização do firmware. Vejamos:

  • Mobile TV is unable to set the platform guide after phone reboot
  • DM settings aren’t generated automatically, when Email settings are defined in variant
  • Audio: Phone resets when plugging/unplugging headset for several times during music playback
  • Video call: White or black screen flashes when power saver time-out expires during an active video call
  • 3D Ringing tone is too low, almost nothing cannot be heard during MT voice call
  • Illumination with Voice call: During an active voice call, power saver displays when power saver time-out expires and then phone goes to sleep mode while the call is still ongoing
  • Image Quality improvements
  • Device slows down when large numbers of pictures are transferred to the device
  • Slow to open the Reply screen for an SMS
  • ViewServ11 crashes under high CPU load
  • Phone jams or resets when taking photo during low power audio playback
  • Phone freezes after a new SMS is received during Visual Radio playback
  • Other error fixes related to general system stability improvements
  • DVB-H: It is not possible to access the TV services
  • DVB-H: No USER AGENT string in HTTP POST request
  • DVB-H: DVB-H receiver “Black Screen 2MB fix from TI”
  • DVB-H: Low audio volume in Mobile TV. DVB-H audio volume level is now set to be similar to N77

Fonte: Slashphone.

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