Nokia N82 v30.0.019 – veja o changelog do último firmware


Alguns dias após o lançamento da última versão 30.0.019, foi publicado o changelog completo com a lista das alterações, correções e melhorias realizadas. Veja a pequena lista:

  • Alarm: Updates to Calender for Alarm related Issues
  • Audio: Enhancement to Radio Apps
  • Barcode reader: Decoded data view, Unsaved barcode with no links, optios list is in wrong order
  • Bluetooth Enhancements
  • Browser Enhancements
  • Core Telephony: Security, USIM, PCP, TTY related fixes, E.g.
  • From PCP: Aino: WCDMA OTC USIM Freeze GSM Access and Security disabled
  • CommonTsy copyerror: From PCP: Aino: WCDMA OTC USIM Freeze GSM Access and Security disabled
  • From PCP: Cert Nonpass : TC (51.0101) PCS1900
  • TTY doesn’t work (QC defect ID 188)
  • Video Editors fix & Enhancements
  • Email fixes and enhancements
  • Music Player enhancement & Fixes, for e.g.
  • Orange XML GSM/WCDMA OTC Refreshing Music Library Looks like app has locked up
  • Phone hangs while playing the video “Batman Begins”
  • Java Core Runtime and Java Extension Fixes and Enhancements, e.g.
  • SFR GSM/WCDMA OTC Misc : Applications stored on the mass memory are very slow
  • When playing OMA1 protected files in a J2ME app using JSR135 throws an exception in S60 3.1 devices
  • Lifeblog Enhancement wrt DB file
  • Maps2.0 related Fixes and Enhancement need to maturize the same
  • NGage related Error Fixes and Enhancements
  • Camera Related Enhancements and fixes
  • Security Fixes
  • ASR enhancement
  • Share Online Related Fixes needed for Maturization of application.
  • SIP enhancements and Fixes
  • SMS Related Fixes and Enhancements
  • Telephony adaptation Related Fixes and Enhancements
  • UPnP Enhancements
  • Video Center Enhancements
  • VoIP Related Error Fixes and Enhancements
  • Flash Lite3 Related Enhancements and Fixes
  • WLAN related Fixes and Enhancements
  • Sharaku Restore Factory Settings Misses Data for NGage in UDA
  • Full NGI (Ngage Application)
  • Settings Wizard Update
  • Maps 2.0
  • Online Share 3.0
  • Mosh & Ovi Bookmark
  • Startup Setting Update
  • One Way Refresh over PIM
  • Default Calender Year to be 2008
  • ASR Improvements
  • Mobile Search 4.0 with Google Plugin
  • VMBX call divert Indicator Removal for Orange variant
  • Download Client Version Update to 3150
  • Ngage Trial Games on UDA: Snakes Subsonic and Block Breaker.
  • Snakes Only in MEA Region
  • Block Breaker Game in Indonesia & Philipines Region

Fonte: Slashphone.


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