Nokia N82 tem novo Firmware V20.0.062!!

Hoje usei um pouco o N82 e pude ver mais uma vez que excelente celular a Nokia desenvolveu. Apesar de gostar do slider do N95, tenho que dizer que os celulares sem partes móveis me parecem sempre muito mais robustos e bem acabados. Apesar da tela um pouco menor, eu realmente gostei muito do aparelho, e pelo acabamento, velocidade e flash eu realmente compraria o aparelho facilmente!

O N82 tem um novo firmware disponível para download via Nokia Software Updater, e as novidades desta nova versão são as seguintes:

Location tagging functionality added
Widgets enabled
Flash Lite 3.0 support
BT AVRCP protocol support.

When plugin/plug out USB or TV out cable phone crashes
Phone freezes during music play
Phone resets when pressing end key during alert

Cannot receive SMS for some operator who support ‘Replace type’ of message

Camera overexposure improved
Automatic screen rotation angle improvement

Stability improvements
Memory leak during phone call and browsing corrected

Memory leak corrected in browser
Memory leak corrected in CPSSignal

Crash while file name included %marks is highlighted
DRM video thumbnail corrupted
Gallery crashes when video call is make from contacts
Multimedia menu:

Unable to add a contact to the tile

Voice not heard when using Push to Talk application with BH501
Device remote volume control does not work with MD7W
With BH903 selected track does not work when device screen savers is activated
MD6 is connected and radio is opened, audio is heard from phone speakers not from music stand

NGI installation causes ‘contact retailer’ error message
corrections to NGI enabler
Video Center:

SW upgrade for Video center possible

Lifeblog database size increases and fills up device memory

Gizmo WLAN connection fails some time
Device freezes when using VoIP with N800
User Interface:

Localization and Help error corrections
Reduced support character encoding doesn’t work
Chinese tone by pressing “*” when BOPOMOFO input is not working
Operator name list updated
C:drive data compatibility improvement
Security improvements
SW support for future hardware changes

Fonte: Daily Mobile.

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