Nokia N95 firmware v.12.0.013 change log

n95.jpgHoje finalmente saiu no site o change log do firmware v. 12.0.013 do celular Nokia N95.

Realmente esta atualização foi muito maior do que se imaginava inicialmente, e corrigiu uma quantidade de bugs muito grande!

Veja o change log em inglês e faça a atualização de seu celular!!

Changes/improvements made from
MCU SW 11.0.026 to 12.0.013 (SB-041/18.07.07):

New features
HSDPA indicator

General improvements/changes
Property watcher added to the screen saver
Improvements to WLAN sniffer
WLAN stability improvements
Screen saver timeout default value stays correct after MMC backup
Stability improvements to memory card formatting
Image editor stability improvements
Lifeblog input improvements
Colors of Java Midlet icons no longer scaled down
Localization corrections
Voice mail number now correctly read from SIM card
Download Manager stability improvements
Improvements to animations in Midlets
Multimedia menu stability improvements
BT stability improvements
Correction to WLAN interoperability problem with Netgear router
Correction for High Capacity memory cards
Correction to backlight blinking
Barcode reader no longer prevents deep sleep
Improvements to USB plugin handling
Better Out of Memory handling
Performance improvements
Improvements to RCPI based roaming(WLAN)
Improvements to cached PMKSA authentication with
Correction to secondary SSID handling(WLAN)
Improvements to registration in offline mode(WLAN)
Stability improvements to Quick Office
Correction to WLAN setup wizard
Multimedia Menu shown correctly also when Chinese image as a
background image
Calendar stability improvements

Stability improvements to text box input in browser
HSDPA throughput improvements
Improvements to file upload
General stability improvements to Browser
Animated images shown correctly in Web pages

Media Player
Stability improvements for incoming call handling during
music playback
Volume and time bar positions adjusted
Music store closed properly after use
Memory handling improvements in Music Player
Audio Handling improvements
Improvements to Find in music player
Improvements to reconnection to live stream
APN query shown correctly in Music Shop

JPEG scaling no longer corrupts exif info
Image print stability improvements
Stability improvements in Gallery
Performance improvements to slide show
Improvements to UPnP picture copy from Media Server
UPnP stability improvements
Improvements to image rendering
Correct LSK shown after a call
Zoom&Pan hidden when TV-out is connected
RSK & LSK shown correctly after editing play list
Correction to image rendering after screen saver is activated
Music selection dialog shown also in landscape mode in slideshow settings

Stability improvements in messaging application
Improvements to email handling
Improvements to email sync
Correction to MMS sending during VT call

Improvements to SIP settings
Callback request call is made secured like the first call
Corrections to VoIP emergency call handling

Changes in camera part made from
MCU SW v11.0.026 to v12.0.013:
Changing camera scene mode no longer changes Sharpness value
Phone goes now correctly to deep sleep after taking images

CPHS corrections
Call forward icon now shown correctly also after reboot
MT video call shown correctly on UI

Lots of maps improvements
Position Method now selected correctly
WLAN APN removed from AGPS positioning server settings



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