RoboCup é uma bela caneca que faz referência ao filme clássico e que deveria fazer parte das mesas de todos que curtem filmes de ficção!! Veja a descrição do produto:

“Once just a regular street cup; preventing muggings in a dystopian metropolis, only to be murdered and horrifically disfigured, then revived into a cyborg law enforcer. His prime directives: 1. To serve the public (hot drinks) 2. Protect the innocent and 3. Uphold the law. He is…RoboCup

Constructed from a superhuman hybrid of flesh, steel and ceramics; the stern, unwavering mouth of Alex Murphy (AKA Hank Hill) commands the respect of all those who cross him. 

So fill yourself up with steaming hot beverages and sooth your haunting repressed memories, ready to single-handedly clean up the crime-ridden streets of Detroit via the means of unwarranted gory violence. 

Dead or alive, you’re drinking a tea.”

Esta bela caneca pode ser encontrada na Firebox.

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